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Welcome to SinksWatch

An initiative to track and scrutinize carbon sink projects

offset costs small.jpgSinksWatch tracks and scrutinises carbon sequestration projects, highlighting their threats to forests, ecosystems, forest peoples and the climate. SinksWatch focuses on tree plantations, particularly in areas where land tenure and land use rights are in dispute.

SinksWatch believes that forests are a safeguard against the impacts of extreme weather events caused by climate change and that they therefore must not be used to justify the continued, additional and permanent release of carbon from fossil fuel burning.

What's New


The Carbon Connection. Carbon Trade Watch video about two distant communities affected by one global market.

CO2 Alibi, a film showing the effect that carbon sink project is having on communities in Uganda.


'Carbon Trading. A critical conversation on climate change, privatisation and power' exposes flaws of carbon trading finding that it is bad for the South, bad for the North, and bad for the climate.

Carbon Sunk, a report from the Rainforest Foundation UK focusing on the effects of allowing forest credits into carbon trading mechanisms.

'The Other Side of Carbon'. Fortune Magazine article documents deteriorating situation for local communities affected by carbon offset project in Uganda.

'The Carbon Neutral Myth: Indulgences for your climate sins'. A good overview of offsets schemes and carbon trading.

SinksWatch, Cornerhouse and Carbon Trade Watch's submission to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee.


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Raised Voices: Filmed testimonies from people affected by climate change and the oil industry. Listen to this collection of short statements from people living on the fenceline of the oil industry and from people in the global South on issues related to climate change.

Interview about Face foundation offset project in Uganda.


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